In my place…

Skin:-Glam Affair – Sia – Artic 06 F-New@Collabor88
Teeth:Teeth layer *REDGRAVE*
Hair:+elua+ Wilma B_FAT-New@TSS
Top:Spirit Store – Kusa top [XS] for suspenders-New@Kustom9 
Jeans:Spirit Store – Kusa skinny jeans [XS] for suspenders-New@Kustom9 
Shoes:C L A Vv. Ripped Old Chuck DFloral F RARE-New@Kustom9 
Brush:duboo.artist’s brush/mouth/

Skybox:HAIKEI My vintage art studio / Gacha {RARE}-New@Kustom9 

Cupboard:HIDEKI – Lab Cupboard– New@TCF
Floor Lamp:HIDEKI – Floor Lamp
Canvas ::HAIKEI: My vintage art studio / Gacha {3}-New@Kustom9 
Stool::HAIKEI: My vintage art studio / Gacha {2}-New@Kustom9 
Drawer:HAIKEI: My vintage art studio / Gacha {8}-New@Kustom9 
Table::HAIKEI: My vintage art studio / Gacha {1}-New@Kustom9 
Chair:HIDEKI – Dining Chair– New@TCF
Newspaper::HAIKEI: My vintage art studio / Gacha {5}-New@Kustom9 
Paint::HAIKEI: My vintage art studio / Gacha {4}-New@Kustom9 
Art Supplies:-tres blah- Workspace – Art Supplies -Previouse Arcade
Charcoal Boxes:/ XIAJ / Compressed Charcoal Boxes
Brushes:/ XIAJ / Dox Paint Brushes
Palette:HAIKEI: My vintage art studio / Gacha {7}-New@Kustom9 
Art Clutter:-tres blah- Workspace – Art Clutter -Previouse Arcade
Record Player:HIDEKI – Record Player
Frames:HAIKEI: My vintage art studio / Gacha {6}-New@Kustom9 
Shelf:HIDEKI – Artist Tool Shelf
Papers on wall:*ionic* intento inflexible – papers on wall
Poster:*ionic* Now! Poster
Art eco Bag:VCO – Art eco Bag _ RARE 3
Desk stool:*ionic* intento inflexible – desk stool
Bag:VCO – Art eco Bag _ RARE 1
Workspace Table:HIDEKI – Workspace Table

Dreaming Fall

Fall-House Fall-House_
House:*ionic* Urria (House) RARE –New@TCF
Fence:<:*BoOgErS*:> Funky Fence Natural -Previouse Summer festival

Cart:oyasumi / wooden cart-New@TSS
Mice:*ionic* Pumpking House (Mice) RARE-New@TSS
Pumpkin:A.D.D.Andel! Pumpkin Cluster-Mesh-New@TSS

Alpaca:*ionic* – Alpaca (el) – New@TCF
Alpaca:*ionic* – Alpaca (ella) – New@TCF
Ladder::CP: Doublers Lantern Ladder-New@TSS
Punkin Bear:<:*BoOgErS*:> Punkin Bear -Previouse Arcade
Pumpkins::CP: Doublers Pumpkins-New@TSS
Picnic Rugs Set:HIDEKI – Picnic Rugs Set -Previouse TFC
Chair::CP: Doulbers Adirondack Chair (Adult)-New@TSS

Heater:Soy. Kerosene heater w/ kettle [White]-New@TSS
Counter:*ionic*  – Le Cousine – New@TCF
Dish rack:*ionic*  – Le Cuisine (decor)– New@TCF
Mug:Sari-Sari – Gluehwein Mug-New@TSS
Apple:Sari-Sari – Apple with knife-New@TSS
Apple:Sari-Sari – Apple -New@TSS

Sofa:*ionic* –  Slow moves (sofa)– New@TCF
Fox and Mice:*ionic* Zorrito and Mice (Mice) -New@TSS
Table :ANE Delicious Melted Table Natural Wood -New@Candyfair
Cake Stand :ANE Cake Stand with Cupcakes-New@Candyfair
Wall Deco:*ionic* – Los Puntitos – New@TCF
Wheel Decor:HIDEKI – Ferris Wheel Decor– New@TCF

Bed:*ionic* – Sweet Nap- New@TCF
Frames:ionic* – Just Happy Frames– New@TCF
Mice:*ionic* Happy (Mice)  -New@TSS
Mice:*ionic* Hugging on bed (Mice) RARE -New@TSS

Fall House

Fall-house1 fall-house3

House::HAIKEI: Outdoor Open House -New@Kustom9 
Bed:AF Old Roman Bed–New@ The Arcade
Armoire:AF Victoria’s Armoire–New@ The Arcade
Table:{vespertine} stacked drawers table–New@ The Arcade
Vase:tarte. tin vase & twig–New@ The Arcade
Floor lamp:[ARIA] Gretchen floor lamp – RARE–New@ The Arcade
Frame:AF Gilt Frame (Portrait)–New@ The Arcade
Frame:AF Gilt Frame (Landscape)–New@ The Arcade
Frame:AF Frame Shelf–New@ The Arcade
Trunk:[ARIA] Gretchen blanket and pillows crate–New@ The Arcade
Rug:Zigana . rag rug . cajun–New@ The Arcade
Books & tea:tarte. books & tea–New@ The Arcade
Pillow stack:tarte. pillow stack–New@ The Arcade
Wooden vase:[ARIA] Gretchen wooden vase pair–New@ The Arcade
Chair:{vespertine} rocking chair/wood–New@ The Arcade
Book:{vespertine} leaf herbarium book./COPY–New@ The Arcade
Dollshouse:AF Victoria’s Dollshouse–New@ The Arcade
Crate:Second Spaces – Flea Market Finds – crate of old music–New@ The Arcade
Drawers:Second Spaces – Flea Market Finds – old card catalog drawers–New@ The Arcade
Display:*MishMish* Zodiac Display – RARE–New@ The Arcade

fall-house4 fall-house5 fall-house6

Door Mat:Sway’s [Door Mat] cats–New@ The Arcade
Board Frame:/ t r a u m / Black Board Frame GACHA Machine <Type 1>– New@TFC
Alphabet wood:ASO! Alphabet wood (N) and (A)–New@ The Arcade
Plant:oyasumi / pot / plant
Plant:ASO! Stick Plants (white)– New@TFC
Plant:ASO! Stick Plants (brown-paint)– New@TFC
Plant:[*Art Dummy!] haven. (plant and display case)
Light:Zigana . maypole light . mixed–New@ The Arcade
Window frames:Second Spaces – Flea Market Finds – old window frames–New@ The Arcade
Pumpkin:PILOT – Cooking Pumpkin X–New@ The Arcade

Miami Electric


Skin:-Glam Affair – Artemis – Jamaica 04 F-New@Collabor88
Hair:Lamb. Margaux-New@Collabor88
Sunglasses:(Yummy) Vice Sunglasses – Black-New@Collabor88
Top:Baiastice_Caged top-green-size XS-New@Collabor88
Jacket:::{u.f.o}::liverful blouson jacket – khaki-New@Collabor88
Pants:Emery Tropicana Pants Black_XSmall-New@Collabor88
Necklace:(Yummy) Beaded Statement Necklace –  Orange/Green-New@Collabor88
Earrings:(Yummy) Vice Hoop – Gold-New@Collabor88
Nail:(NO) Art Nails – Toe & Finger Nails -Brights-New@Collabor88
Shoes:::HH:: Hucci Wonju Sandal – Orange -New@Collabor88
Cat:(fd) Cat – 17 Over Shoulder RARE–New@ The Arcade
Dog:ISPACHI [Florian] Sleeping Puppy In Basket RARE–New@ The Arcade
Chair:Apple Fall Dapper Chair w/ Deco (Golden Linen)-New@Collabor88
Table:Apple Fall Recycled Wood Parquet Table-New@Collabor88
Lamp:Apple Fall Glass Bubble Lamp-New@Collabor88
Vase:Apple Fall White Iris-New@Collabor88
Rug:AF Tribal Print Rug-New@Collabor88
Wall frame:Apple Fall Tribal Print I-New@Collabor88
Background house::HAIKEI: Gabled Barn

Miami Electric


Skin:-Glam Affair – Artemis – Europa – 03 F-New@Collabor88
Dress:Tee*fy Gina Bodycon Dress S Painted Leopard-New@Collabor88
Clutch:LaGyo_Morgan clutch Pink-New@Collabor88
Shoes:[Decoy] Aria Heels (Slink MID Add-on) – Purple-New@Collabor88
Flamingo:!Ohmai: Summer Flamingo Buddies [Coral]
Sofa:flowey x Teawood: Pizz Miami Sofa / zebra-New@Collabor88
Neon Sign:flowey x Teawood: Aime’s Love Nest Neon Sign-New@Collabor88
Rug:HIDEKI – Geometry Rug-New@Collabor88

My small atelier

SkyBox::HAIKEI: Sand-Sprayed {SkyBox}
Sofa:*ionic* Native Sofa
Shelves with frames:*ionic** El conejito de la suerte
Table:*ionic** Tilcara
Door Mat:Sway’s [Door Mat] mustache RARE
Cart:HIDEKI – Donkey Cart– New@TFC

Bed:/ XIAJ / Sunday Morning Bed RARE
Mobile:*ionic* Piu! (bohemian)

Cat:(fd) Cat – 11 Sitting

Papers:*ionic* intento inflexible – papers on floor
Dress Form:HIDEKI – Dress Form–New@TFC
Easel: XIAJ / Art Studio Easel (canvas on side)
Sewing Form:-tres blah- Workspace – Sewing Form RARE–New@ The Arcade
Shelf:[*Art Dummy!] simple things. (shelf with decor)RARE–New@ The Arcade
Sketches:Second Spaces – Flea Market Finds – vintage fashion sketches–New@ The Arcade
Inspiration Board:-tres blah- Workspace – Inspiration Board–New@ The Arcade
Sewing Pattern:-tres blah- Workspace – Sewing Pattern–New@ The Arcade
Catch:-tres blah- Workspace – Catch-All–New@ The Arcade
Pencil Holder:-tres blah- Workspace – Pencil Holder–New@ The Arcade
Desk:-tres blah- Workspace – Desk–New@ The Arcade
Chair:-tres blah- Workspace – Chair–New@ The Arcade
Tablet:-tres blah- Workspace – Tablet–New@ The Arcade
Computer:-tres blah- Workspace – Computer–New@ The Arcade
Art Clutter:-tres blah- Workspace – Art Clutter–New@ The Arcade
Lamp:[ARIA] Gretchen floor lamp – RARE–New@ The Arcade
Figure:-tres blah- Workspace – Fancy Figure–New@ The Arcade
Rose Jar:-tres blah- Workspace – Silver Mason Jar of Roses–New@ The Arcade
And Files:-tres blah- Workspace – And Files–New@ The Arcade
Print and Books:-tres blah- Workspace – Print and Books–New@ The Arcade
Plants:ASO! Stick Plants (white-word)–New@TFC
Colored Pencils:-tres blah- Workspace – Colored Pencils–New@ The Arcade
Shelves:-tres blah- Workspace – Shelves–New@ The Arcade

Art Supplies:-tres blah- Workspace – Art Supplies–New@ The Arcade
Cat:(fd) Cat – 12 Curious–New@ The Arcade

Chair:{what next} ‘Natural’ Malmo Chair–New@ The Arcade
Wooden Stool:Hideki – Wooden Stool – White–New@TFC
Lemon branches:[*Art Dummy!]  simple things. (lemon branches)RARE–New@ The Arcade
Outfit Form:-tres blah- Workspace – Outfit Form RARE–New@ The Arcade
Illust:*ionic* BePresent
Puppy:ISPACHI [Florian] Sleeping Puppy In Basket RARE–New@ The Arcade
Rug:ANE SLON SET – Rug  (color change)

Canvas:HIDEKI – Artist Canvas on Cart–New@TFC
Stool:HIDEKI – Workspace Stool–New@TFC
Shelf:HIDEKI – Artist Tool Shelf–New@TFC
Table:Sari-Sari - Folding Table *folded* (wood)
Chairs:Sari-Sari - Plastic Chairs stacked
Plants:ASO! Stick Plants (white)–New@TFC
Plants:ASO! Stick Plants (brown-word)–New@TFC