Cozy Winter…

Cabibn::HAIKEI: The Winter Cabin / GACHA {RARE} -New@Kustom9 
Snowman:snowman – gift for arcade–Gift@ The Arcade
Chair::HAIKEI: The Winter Cabin / GACHA {3} -New@Kustom9 
Stove::HAIKEI: The Winter Cabin / GACHA {6} -New@Kustom9 
Table:dust bunny . lumberjack’s table–New@ The Arcade
Stove::Sari-Sari – Portable Stove
Dogs:ISPACHI [CHERISHED MOMENTS] Huskies–New@ The Arcade
Swing::CP: Willow Creek Swing (Adult)-New@Kustom9 
Swing Frame::CP: Willow Creek Swing Frame-New@Kustom9 
Snowy Logs:HIDEKI – Snowy Logs

Seat:Second Spaces – snow day window seat – light-New@Collabor88
Light:Second Spaces – snow day string lights – light-New@Collabor88
Sign::HAIKEI: The Winter Cabin / GACHA {7}-New@Kustom9 
Plant::HAIKEI: The Winter Cabin / GACHA {4}-New@Kustom9 
Books:Second Spaces – snow day books – up/down stack-New@Collabor88
Books:Second Spaces – snow day books – neat stack-New@Collabor88
Kitten:.S&S. Holiday Pals – ‘Nori’ The Kitten–New@ The Arcade
Prints:Second Spaces – snow day prints-New@Collabor88
Mufflers:HAIKEI: The Winter Cabin / GACHA {2}-New@Kustom9 
Table::HAIKEI: The Winter Cabin / GACHA {5}-New@Kustom9 
Letters::HAIKEI: The Winter Cabin / GACHA {8}-New@Kustom9 
Mug:dust bunny . cookies & cocoa–New@ The Arcade
Mochi::HAIKEI: The Winter Cabin / GACHA {1}-New@Kustom9 
Kettle:Soy. Kettle
Stove:[flowey & art dummy] autumn evening. (camping stove black).
Cat&Dog:ISPACHI [CHERISHED MOMENTS] Paws & Claws RARE–New@ The Arcade
Bowl:ISPACHI [CHERISHED MOMENTS] Paws & Claws Bowl Addon–New@ The Arcade
Clockwork :ISPACHI [CHERISHED MOMENTS] Paws & Claws Clockwork Addon–New@ The Arcade
Christmas Tree:10_8f8 – Granny’s Winter Cottage – Christmas Tree–New@ The Arcade
Tree Skirt:MudHoney Tree Skirt – plaid–New@ The Arcade
Deer:.S&S. Holiday Pals – ‘Rosie’ The Doe RARE–New@ The Arcade
Bunny:+Half-Deer+ Bunny helps with the Decor (Snow)-New@Collabor88
Bunny:+Half-Deer+ Bunny helps with the Decor (SnowBlack)-New@Collabor88
Bunny:+Half-Deer+ Bunny found a Holly Branch (Honey/Natural)-New@Collabor88

Skin:-Glam Affair – Amberly II skin – America 09 A-New@Kustom9 
Hair:Rowne.Sofia – Mesh -New@Collabor88
Eyes:[Buzz] Lillian Eyes – Honey {Large} V2-New@Kustom9 
Sweater:INVIZ_overfit sweater 03 size S-New@Kustom9 
Jeans:Emery Ripped Skinny Jeans War_XSmall-New@Fameshed
Boots:[Co57] Lorena Bootie NUDETTE-New@Kustom9 
Bag:=Zenith=(Black)Bucket Bag Unrigged-New@Kustom9 

Glam Affair Sia II


Skin:-Glam Affair – Sia II – Asia tone – 10 F-New@Uber
Teeth:Teeth layer *REDGRAVE*
Hair:+elua+ Yuki1 for hat_FAT-New@Winter Trend SL 2014 
Earmuffs:Foxes – Woodland Wonderland – Ear Muffs – White RARE–New@ The Arcade
Sweater:=Zenith=(Milk)sweater with gauze dress -New@ Shiny Shabby, Winter Market 
Mittens:.Atomic. {Gacha} Critter Comfort – White Bunny Mittens–New@ The Arcade

Winter Wonderland Ⅱ


Skin:-Glam Affair – Sia II – Asia tone – 01 F-– New@TCF
Hair:+elua+ Yuki1 for hat_FAT-New@Winter Trend SL 2014 
Mask:Foxes – Woodland Wonderland –  Mask – Bunny–New@ The Arcade
Ear Muffs:Foxes – Woodland Wonderland – Ear Muffs – White RARE–New@ The Arcade
Clothes:=Zenith=(Milk)sweater with gauze dress-New@ Shiny Shabby, Winter Market 
Rabbit:HPMD* SleepyRabbit  S — with Cuddle AO –

Bears:ISPACHI [CHERISHED MOMENTS] Polar Bears–New@ The Arcade
Owls:ISPACHI [CHERISHED MOMENTS] Snowy Owls–New@ The Arcade
Foxes:ISPACHI [CHERISHED MOMENTS] Arctic Foxes–New@ The Arcade
Deer:+Half-Deer+ Winter Whimsy – Winged Deer (Creampuff) c/m RARE–New@ The Arcade
Ermine:+Half-Deer+ Winter Whimsy – Snowy Ermine c/m–New@ The Arcade
Cloud:+Half-Deer+ Winter Whimsy – Cloud of Eternal Snow c/m–New@ The Arcade
Treestump:{what next} ‘First Frost’ Treestump Photography Prop

Winter Wonderland

Village:*ionic* The Village– New@TCF
Bunny:*ionic* The bunnie and the carrots– New@TCF
Fox&Bunny:*ionic* Kiss me kiss me kiss me– New@TCF
Bunny:*ionic* Mommy Bunnie– New@TCF
Unicorn:*ionic* El unicornio magico– New@TCF
Tree:{vespertine}bare birch tree w/mushrooms 1–New@ The Arcade
Wreath:{vespertine}wreath -classic–New@ The Arcade
Fox:*ionic* Mommy and kid Foxes– New@TCF
Deer:*ionic* Oh deer my– New@TCF
Fox:*ionic* Fox whit gifts– New@TCF
Bunny:.S&S. Holiday Pals – ‘Mr & Mrs Smith’ The Bunnies–New@ The Arcade
Christmas Tree:PILOT – Christmas Village 2 – Town Christmas Tree RARE –New@ The Arcade
Snowman:PILOT – Christmas Village 2 – Snowman 2 [c]–New@ The Arcade
Snowman:PILOT – Christmas Village 2 – Snowman 1 [c]–New@ The Arcade
Treestump:{what next} ‘First Frost’ Treestump Photography Prop

Skin:-Glam Affair – Sia II – Asia tone – 01 F– New@TCF
Hair:little bones. Girl
Outfit:-Pixicat- Whimsical.Onesie – Deer (s)–New@ The Arcade

Sweet Sweet Sweet!!!


Skin:-Glam Affair – Miko – Asia 01 A-New@The Kawaii Project
Hair:~Tableau Vivant~ Chii hair (small) – Light brunette-New@The Kawaii Project
Outfit:Mikunch Apron dress-New@Xiasumi School Festival

Patisserie Set:Glam Affair – Patisserie Table-New@The Kawaii Project
Balloon:8f8 Balloons
Bunting:8f8 Bunting
Toast:.Atomic. {Toast Pal} Buttered Toast – Display-New@The Kawaii Project
Toast:.Atomic. {Toast Pal} French Toast – Display -New@The Kawaii Project
Fawn:The Secret Store - My Lil Fawn – Candy
Fawn:The Secret Store - My Lil Fawn – Toffee
Rug:.Atomic. {Toast n Eggs} Rug-Gift@The Kawaii Project

Cold Air…


Skin:-Glam Affair – Lauren – America 01 B-New@Collabor88
Hair:little bones. Supreme [L] (solid)-New@Collabor88
Cape:ISON – winter cape -XS- (brown) -New
Pants:ISON – side lace pants -XS- (black)-New@Collabor88
Boots:R.icielli - HOLLY Boots Slink High / Black-New
Bag:*YS&YS* – Viareggio Special Edition Black-New@TDR

Chair::CP: Louis’ Willow Chair A (PG)
Lantern::CP: Louis’ Batty Lantern
Lantern::CP: Louis’ Star Lantern
Side Table:CP: Louis’ Side Table
Desert::CP: Louis’ Hot Apple Cider Goodies

Taken at Just Another Tequilla Sunrise

A little Fox

a-little-fox cozy-mood...

Skin:-Glam Affair – Miko – Asia 04 B -New@The Kawaii Project
Hair:little bones. Hurt
Coat:/// offbeat /// Can You Hear My Heart Caramel 2 S size-New@The Kawaii Project
Jeans:Emery High Waisted Jeans Jule Smoke_XSmall
Boots:The Secret Store – Flamel Boots – Camel-New@Collabor88
Fox:*MishMish* Little Fox to hold (static) – Brown-New@Collabor88
Bag:Foxes  – Bookbag  -The Fox – Mustard-New@The Kawaii Project