Mynerva New Make up

Skin:~Mynerva Caramel~Red Classic Brown Brows –New
Hair:[ 69 ] MILI – Light Mocha –
Flower:~hanamachi~ Daisy daisy [left ear] -old hunt gift
Lashes:[glow]] Clean thick 04  (nose)
Eyes:Djinn &Tonic[Eyes] We pray for change.

Skin:~Mynerva Caramel~MellowYello~Blonde Brows –New
Hair:!lamb. Sleepyhead – Honeycomb
Ears:Mynerva Plain Elf Ears
Eyes:Djinn &Tonic [Eyes] Nearly faded.

Available Make up and Skintones

Individual makeups: 700 Lindens , 16 skins…  4 eyebrow colours,
with and without cleavage aswell as a freckle/blushed face option

TP to Mynerva


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