Designers United4 Narcissus

Skin:-tb- {Light} DU Echo – Light Thick Brows[For DU4–coming soon]
Hair:booN PUN448 hair gold
Eyelashes:[ glow ] Devilicious 00 (nose)
Bodysuit:(Royal Bue) Post Narcisus  in Night Sky[For DU4–coming soon]
Boots:[glow] Narcissus Shoes Black [For DU4–coming soon]
Necklace:LaGyo for DU4_Savage jonquille necklace [For DU4–coming soon]
Bangle:LaGyo for DU4_Jonquille petales [For DU4–coming soon]
Mirror:[NSD] Vain Hand Mirror 3 [For DU4–coming soon]
Bench:*Y’s HOUSE* Twin Bench set [Narcissus] [For DU4–coming soon]


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