Glam Affair SofiaV2

Skin:-Glam Affair– SofiaV2- Dark – 03 –New
Hair:>TRUTH< Raquel – fudge –New
Eyes:-Glam Affair– Stella Eyes V2 -12-New
Lashes:[ glow ] Clean thick 04  (nose)

Skin-Glam Affair– SofiaV2- MedTan – 07  –New
Hair:(Posh) ; Envious ; Blonde
Eyes:Djinn & Tonic   [Eyes] A river running through it.
Earrings:[[SHADE THRONE]] over drama earrings

Glam Affair SofiaV2 -Make ups & Skintones


One thought on “Glam Affair SofiaV2

  1. I have been trying to find these skins for 2 days. All I see is Sofia in the skin department on the wall where there are “NEW” tags in red. Is this it? because it does not have the “V2” label on it. Where exactly is the V2 skin? I’m dying to have this skin set.

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