Can you feel the air…

Skin: &Bean – Old Bones H pale no brows
Hair:aurora hair 001
Eyebrows:[ROMI SKIN] Winter eyebrows 03-1
OneP:tram  piping shirts op[beige]
Fur Tippet:Oo FLUFFY oO Fur Tippet – tied string – Gray


15 thoughts on “Can you feel the air…

  1. Nana!
    I really have no words for how absolutely amazingly fantastic these images are.
    You are brilliant. I am so very happy and proud to see you use my skins.
    Really, absolutely drop dead beautiful.
    Jesus you are so good at this. Your blog is such a treat for the eyes.
    Thank you so so very much.


  2. nana,
    i have never commented before but i was compelled by the beauty of your photographs. artistic is the word that comes to mind.
    this particular photograph reminds me of the artist ray ceasar, you should look him up!
    also would you please tell me the location of where you took this photograph if that isn’t to rude to ask such a thing. again i am in awe of your talent and asthetic.

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