Hello Kitties


Sofa:*ionic* Kitten Throne – RARE– New@TCF
Table:*ionic* Kitten Table– New@TCF
Chair:*ionic* Kitty Chair– New@TCF
Bunk Bed:*ionic* Kitten Bunk Bed– New@TCF
All the Kitties:*ionic* Kittens gacha – New@TCF
Rug:HIDEKI – Old Rug
Litter Box:+Half-Deer+ Cat Clutter II – Litter Box (Neutral)
Cat Bed:+Half-Deer+ Cat Clutter II – Cat Bed (Neutral)
Scratching Post:+Half-Deer+ Cat Clutter – Scratching Post – Pink
Bowl of Fish:+Half-Deer+ Cat Clutter – Bowl of Fish – Neutral
Cat Toys:+Half-Deer+ Cat Clutter – Toys Toys Toys – Neutral
Bowl of Kibble:+Half-Deer+ Cat Clutter – Bowl of Kibble – Pink
Jar:+Half-Deer+ Cat Clutter II – Kitty Treat Jar (Pink)
Jar:+Half-Deer+ Cat Clutter II – Kitty Treat Jar (Neutral)
Frame::HAIKEI: Warm&Natural / Gacha {4}
Sky Box:HIDEKI – Attic– New@TCF
Skin:-Glam Affair – Sia Europa – 02 B-New@Collabor88
Hair:.~Tableau Vivant~ My love hair – FP-New@Collabor88
Top:SPIRIT – Charlotta shirt [XXS]  (for SUSPENDERS)-New@Collabor88
Pants:SPIRIT – Charlotta highpants [XXS] (for SUSPENDERS)-New@Collabor88
Shoes:Ingenue :: Cecily Flats (Slink) :: Blush-New@Collabor88

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