The room with the sunshine of afternoon.


Cottage::HAIKEI: Humid dusty cottage gacha RARE–New@Kustom9 
Sofa::HAIKEI: Humid dusty cottage gacha {1}–New@Kustom9 
Frame:[ zerkalo ] Black & White – Frame1–New@ Shiny Shabby
Memo board:[Toiz] ripped memo board–New@ Shiny Shabby
Hanger ::HAIKEI: Humid dusty cottage gacha {3}–New@Kustom9 
Shelf:22769 ~ [bauwerk] Cart Shelf–New@ Shiny Shabby
Books:22769 ~ [bauwerk] Stack of Art Books–New@ Shiny Shabby
Geosculpture:Fancy Decor: Geosculpture –New@ Shiny Shabby
Boxes:[ zerkalo ] Black & White – Boxes–New@ Shiny Shabby
Bowls:22769 ~ [bauwerk] Wooden Bowls–New@ Shiny Shabby
Bowl:22769 ~ [bauwerk] Wood Bowl with Stones–New@ Shiny Shabby
Package::HAIKEI: Humid dusty cottage gacha {5}–New@Kustom9 
Rug:Fancy Decor: Milneaux Rug–New@ Shiny Shabby
Trash can:[Toiz] fade out trash can–New@ Shiny Shabby
Table:Fancy Decor: Milneaux Table–New@ Shiny Shabby
Diary:[Toiz] sad diary–New@ Shiny Shabby
Papercup:[Toiz] papercup cigarette–New@ Shiny Shabby
Plant:[Toiz] can rosemary–New@ Shiny Shabby
Letters:[Toiz] fade out latters–New@ Shiny Shabby
Cactus:Soy. Superlong potted cactus A w/stand –New for the Neighbourhood
Cactus:Soy. Superlong potted cactus A w/o stand-New for the Neighbourhood
Plant:[Toiz] droop plant–New@ Shiny Shabby
Frame:Toro. Artwork [Graphic Design]–New@ Shiny Shabby
Frame:Toro. Artwork [Op Art]–New@ Shiny Shabby
Cushions:HAIKEI: Humid dusty cottage gacha {2}–New@Kustom9 
Chair::HAIKEI: Humid dusty cottage gacha {4}–New@Kustom9 
Pony:Vagabond – Peggy’s Pony (TD size) –Vagabond for FLF


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