Autumn Peace


Skybox::HAIKEI: Old industrial skybox –New@TMD
Frame:Kalopsia – Mapple Frame – Home-New@Kustom9
Frame:Kalopsia – Mapple Frame – Love-New@Kustom9
Tag Lines:Kalopsia – Tag Lines –New@Uber
Frame:Kalopsia – Mapple Frame – Fall-New@Kustom9
Lights:Kalopsia – Grand Bi w/ Lights –New@Lost & found
Statue:Kalopsia – Wood Horse Head Statue –New@Lost & found
Clock:Kalopsia – Train Station Clock-New@Lost & found
Log:floorplan. it’s log! –New@Uber
Jar:Kalopsia – Painted Jar – Orange –New@Lost & found
Bookshelf:Trompe Loeil – Olivine Milkcrate Bookshelf–New@Uber
Pumpkins:junk. stone pumpkins.–New@Uber
Table:Kalopsia – Maple Table –New@Lost & found
Books:Zigana – hanging books–New@Uber
Balloon:{vespertine} – metal air balloon/copper -Previouse Arcade Sep
Balloon:{vespertine} – metal air balloon/zinc -Previouse Arcade Sep
Cart Hamper:Kalopsia – Mail Cart Hamper –New@Uber
Bear:<:*BoOgErS*:> ReadyToGo Bear VIB-Previouse Arcade Sep
Chair:{vespertine} – slouchy chair /green copy-Previouse Arcade Sep
Cat:(fd) Cat – 10 Scared
Boots:Kalopsia – Mapple Boots-New@Kustom9
Basket:Kalopsia – Iron Basket – Dark –New@Lost & found
Hammock Chair:Trompe Loeil – Olivine Hammock Chair–New@Uber
Pallet:floorplan. cozy pallet PG–New@Uber
Plants:Kalopsia – Tin Can Plants – 1 –New@Lost & found
Automata:{vespertine} – pegasus automata. copy RARE-Previouse Arcade Sep
Books:{vespertine} – still life with books copy-Previouse Arcade Sep
Toy:Kalopsia – Deer Pul Along Toy –New@Lost & found
Jar:Kalopsia – Painted Jar – Red –New@Lost & found
Fire pit tub:floorplan. fire pit tub–New@Uber
Chair:junk. annona chair. books.–New@Uber
Cat:(fd) Cat – 12 Curious
Bucket:junk. withering bucket.–New@Uber

Mesh Head:.LeLutka.Mesh Head-STELLA v1.1
Skin Applier:Glam Affair ( Lelutka Heads ) Clara Applier [ America ]–New@Uber
Hair:/Wasabi Pills/ Faith Mesh Hair – (BOOBS) – Wild honey- New@FaMESHed 
Dress:Emery Emilse Dress Black_XXSmall- New@FaMESHed 
Cardigan:Addams // Thelma Wool Cardigan w/ Turtleneck // M–New@Uber
Necklace:MG – Necklace – Celestine Heart


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