Be lost in memories..


Skin:[theSkinnery] Julie – Bare face(honey) CB CL2 -New@ Shiny Shabby
Hair:[Entwined] Anna -Gift@ Shiny Shabby
Top:Emery Selina Top Beige-New@Collabor88
Dungaree:Emery Oswald Dungaree Original-New@Collabor88

Cabin:Trompe Loeil – Amelia Cabin-New@Collabor88
Lounger:.:revival:. pulley lounger -New@ Shiny Shabby
Books:[ zerkalo ] Huge pile of books RARE -New@ Shiny Shabby
Draughts:[ zerkalo ] Draughts -New@ Shiny Shabby
Cushion:.:revival:. round cushion white -Gift@ Shiny Shabby
Trunk:DB & MM – Love Bears  – With you at the park – B/G-New@Collabor88
Plant stand:junk. plant stand. -New@ Shiny Shabby
Rug:junk. cream animal rug. -New@ Shiny Shabby
Guitar:7 – Unstrung Classical Guitar-New@Collabor88
Stool:.:revival:. vintage stool black -New@ Shiny Shabby
Books:[ zerkalo ] Pile of books 3 -New@ Shiny Shabby
Globe:[ zerkalo ] Globe -New@ Shiny Shabby
Box:[ kunst ] – Biscuit tin box / red -New@ Shiny Shabby
Pictures:CP: Nile String Light Hangers -New@ Shiny Shabby
Can:[ kunst ] – Soup can / vegetables -New@ Shiny Shabby
Mug:[ kunst ] – Camping mug / steel -New@ Shiny Shabby

Only for me..


House::HAIKEI: Gaze Skyward-New@Kustom9 
Armchair:[ zerkalo ] Leather Armchair Fog-New@TLC
Armchair:[ zerkalo ] Leather Armchair w/Blanket Fog-New@TLC
Chess:[ zerkalo ] Chess / Karpov vs Unzicker (1974) v2 Wood-New@TLC
Table:+CONVAIR+ Langdon Table-New@TLC
Pouf:Kalopsia – Leather Pouf – White -New@TLC
Books:MudHoney Alicia Books-New@TLC
Rose:MudHoney Alicia Rose (pink)-New@TLC
Branch Light:Con.&floorplan. Branch Light-New@Collabor88
Vintage Radio:Willow Home- Vintage Radio – Coral
Help Box:7 – Help Box-New@Collabor88
Rug:Con.&floorplan. woven rug-New@Collabor88
Cabinet:[ keke ] simple cabinet – greyish-New@Kustom9 
Frames:[ keke ] glitter frames-New@Kustom9 
Canvas:HIDEKI - Artist Canvas on Cart
Dress Form:HIDEKI – Dress Form
Lamp:Apple Fall Industrial Lamp w/ Extender (Rust)-New@Collabor88

The Red Lips


Skin:Lara Hurley-Heid red no eyebrows /Milky-New
Hair:.LeLutka.Jaden hair.S-New
Dress:Rowne.Tory Plunge Dress – Oxblood.XS-New@Collabor88
Bag:Rowne. Vittoria Leather Tote – Nude-New@Collabor88
Shoes:Bleich – Mesh Geo – Nude [Slink High]-New@Kustom9 
Loveseat:Trompe Loeil – Amelia Loveseat Leather Brown-New@Collabor88
Candels:PILOT – Romantic Candlesticks [GOLD, tintable candles]-New@Collabor88

Time for rest


House:Scarlet Creative Hudson Townhouse 1-New@Collabor88
Chair:junk. redfern chair.  mint chocolate.-New@Collabor88
Bar:Apple Fall Masculine Bar-New@Collabor88
Rug:tarte. messy floor rug-New@Collabor88
Stool:[PM]Pixel Mode – Levi Stool-New@Collabor88
Rose:Con.&floorplan. Rose in a Bottle-New@Collabor88
Radiator:junk. old radiator.-New@Collabor88
Camera light:junk. vintage camera light.-New@Collabor88
Suitcases:Apple Fall Monogram Suitcases-New@Collabor88
Banana Tree:Apple Fall Banana Tree-New@Collabor88
Wall Light:[PM]Pixel Mode – Levi  Wall Light – Old Copper-New@Collabor88
Wall art:Second Spaces – Amor wall art – I think I Love You-New@Collabor88
Frame:Apple Fall Antique Art-New@Collabor88
Clock:7 – SevenClox-New@Collabor88
Arrow scroll:floorplan. arrow scroll-New@Collabor88

Hello Kitties


Sofa:*ionic* Kitten Throne – RARE– New@TCF
Table:*ionic* Kitten Table– New@TCF
Chair:*ionic* Kitty Chair– New@TCF
Bunk Bed:*ionic* Kitten Bunk Bed– New@TCF
All the Kitties:*ionic* Kittens gacha – New@TCF
Rug:HIDEKI - Old Rug
Litter Box:+Half-Deer+ Cat Clutter II – Litter Box (Neutral)
Cat Bed:+Half-Deer+ Cat Clutter II – Cat Bed (Neutral)
Scratching Post:+Half-Deer+ Cat Clutter – Scratching Post – Pink
Bowl of Fish:+Half-Deer+ Cat Clutter – Bowl of Fish – Neutral
Cat Toys:+Half-Deer+ Cat Clutter – Toys Toys Toys – Neutral
Bowl of Kibble:+Half-Deer+ Cat Clutter – Bowl of Kibble – Pink
Jar:+Half-Deer+ Cat Clutter II – Kitty Treat Jar (Pink)
Jar:+Half-Deer+ Cat Clutter II – Kitty Treat Jar (Neutral)
Frame::HAIKEI: Warm&Natural / Gacha {4}
Sky Box:HIDEKI – Attic– New@TCF
Skin:-Glam Affair – Sia Europa – 02 B-New@Collabor88
Hair:.~Tableau Vivant~ My love hair – FP-New@Collabor88
Top:SPIRIT – Charlotta shirt [XXS]  (for SUSPENDERS)-New@Collabor88
Pants:SPIRIT – Charlotta highpants [XXS] (for SUSPENDERS)-New@Collabor88
Shoes:Ingenue :: Cecily Flats (Slink) :: Blush-New@Collabor88

Warm Sunshine


Skin:-Glam Affair - Lindsey Skin .- Asia  06 A
Hair:little bones. Birdie (L)-Group gift
Shirts:Foxes – Boyfriend Shirt – s – Checker – Red-New@ N°21
Shoes:*YS&YS Oxford Shoes FatPack


BED:8f8 – Indoor DIY Spring BED – NATURAL-New@FaMESHed
Poster:*ionic* – Monochrome poster-New@Oh my gacha!
Record player:{vespertine-record player/walnut}
Box:8f8 – Indoor DIY Spring BOOKS Box – COLORS-New@FaMESHed
Tree Tin:8f8 – Indoor DIY Spring TREE Tin – COLORS-New@FaMESHed
Lamp:8f8 – Indoor DIY Spring STARS Lamp – COLORS-New@FaMESHed
Tree Tin:8f8 – Indoor DIY Spring TREE Tin – NATURAL-New@FaMESHed
Picture Clip:8f8 – Indoor DIY Spring PICTURE 1 Clip – COLORS-New@FaMESHed
Picture Clip:8f8 – Indoor DIY Spring PICTURE 2 Clip – COLORS-New@FaMESHed
Tree Tin8f8 – Indoor DIY Spring SOLO Tin – NATURAL-New@FaMESHed
Lamp:8f8 – Indoor DIY Spring SWEET DREAMS Lamp – COLORS-New@FaMESHed
Lamp:8f8 – Indoor DIY Spring SHEEP Lamp – COLORS-New@FaMESHed
Box:8f8 – Indoor DIY Spring TREE Box – NATURAL-New@FaMESHed
Box:8f8 – Indoor DIY Spring BOOKS Box – NATURAL-New@FaMESHed
Rug:*ionic* – a Rug -New@Oh my gacha!
Bicycle:{vespertine}-dreamers vehicle/frankie copy
Cat:Birdy – Chibi Kitty – Stripe– Soon@TCF
Cat:Birdy – Chibi Kitty – Spot– Soon@TCF
Building:Scarlet Creative Country Keep 2-New@Collabor88



Black and Gray

Black-and-Gray1 Black-and-Gray2

Skin:-Glam Affair – Ellie Asia – 02 B -New@Uber
Hair:Lamb. Black Milk (L)-New@Collabor88
Dress:*Fishy Strawberry* Bejewelled Dress-New@FaMESHed
Boots:…Mutresse… Luna Boots – Rigged [XS]-New@Uber
Bag:*YS&YS* Parioli Bag PytonGrey -New
Fur shawl :Foxes – Faux Fur shawl – Grey -December Uber
Building:Apple Fall: Chelsea Townhouse-New@Collabor88
Pose:-.label motion.- Set#56 Pose